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Love Your Enemies / 2008 (Click the picture for more information)
Reproduced from Revised Common Lectionary Prayers copyright © 2002 Consultation on Common Texts admin. Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission. A complete edition of the prayers is available though Augsburg Fortress [link].
  • Thematic
  • God of unfailing light,
    in your realm of glory
    the poor are blessed,
    the hungry filled,
    and every tear is wiped away.
    Strengthened by this vision,
    may we follow in the way of holiness
    that your Son made known in life and death. Amen.
  • Intercessory
  • All blessing, honor, and glory,
    all wisdom, praise, and thanks be yours,
    O God of our salvation!
    We pray in communion with all the saints on earth and heaven,
    with the martyrs and the faithful in all ages,
    and in the name of the Lamb who was slain,
    who alone is worthy of worship.

    Prayers of the People, concluding with:

    Bless us with your healing presence;
    make us hungry for justice;
    strengthen our faith;
    and increase our love for others,
    especially those we find it most difficult to love. Amen.
  • Scripture
  • O Ancient of Days,
    through the outpouring of your Holy Spirit
    you comfort and bless all creatures.
    Gather from the four corners of the world
    all those who weep in despair or loneliness,
    those who are hungry, naked, or poor,
    those who have withstood oppression
    and are bowed in anguish before violence.
    Grant that they may rejoice in the new life
    of justice and peace that you promised your people
    through the compassionate witness of Jesus. Amen.