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Transfiguration / JESUS MAFA / 1973 (Click the picture for more information)
Reproduced from Revised Common Lectionary Prayers copyright © 2002 Consultation on Common Texts admin. Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission. A complete edition of the prayers is available though Augsburg Fortress [link].
  • Thematic
  • Holy God, mighty and immortal,
    you are beyond our knowing,
    yet we see your glory in the face of Jesus Christ,
    whose compassion illumines the world.
    Transform us into the likeness of the love of Christ,
    who renewed our humanity so that we may share in his divinity,
    the same Jesus Christ, our Lord,
    who live and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  • Intercessory
  • O God, as your Son drew apart
    to be in prayer with you,
    we offer our prayers
    for the transformation of the world and the church.

    Prayers of the people, concluding with:

    You revealed your glory and presence
    in your beloved Son, Jesus the Christ.
    In receiving our prayers,
    reveal the glory and presence of your Spirit
    alive in the world today,
    free us from all doubts,
    and empower us to act as a transfigured people. Amen.
  • Scripture
  • Holy God,
    you have revealed the glory of your love in Jesus Christ,
    and have given us a share in your Spirit.
    May we who listen to Christ
    follow faithfully,
    and, in the dark places where you send us,
    reveal the light of your gospel. Amen.