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The Ascension / JESUS MAFA / 1973 (Click the picture for more information)
Reproduced from Revised Common Lectionary Prayers copyright © 2002 Consultation on Common Texts admin. Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission. A complete edition of the prayers is available though Augsburg Fortress [link].
  • Thematic
  • Risen and ascended Christ,
    you surround us with witnesses
    and send us the Counselor
    who opens our minds to understand your teaching.
    Bless us with such grace
    that our lives may become a blessing for the world
    now, and in the age to come. Amen.
  • Intercessory
  • We offer our prayers on behalf
    of our neighbors whose needs are known to us.
    We pray both for the sisters and brother we know
    and for those who are strangers.

    Prayers of the People, concluding with:

    Open our minds to understand the scriptures, O God,
    so that when sin cripples our hope,
    we may discover the freedom of your forgiveness;
    when suffering and death overtake our lives,
    we may know the joy of the risen Christ;
    and when we feel abandoned,
    we may comprehend the power of the promised Spirit,
    through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
  • Scripture
  • Precious love,
    your ascended Son promised the gift of holy power.
    Send your Spirit of revelation and wisdom,
    that in the blessed freedom of hope,
    we may witness to the grace of forgiveness
    and sing songs of joy with the peoples of earth
    to the One who makes us one body. Amen.